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Q: Will the Type & Tread fit my treadmill?

A: Dimensions are displayed on the Shop page. If your treadmill arms are more wide or narrow than these dimensions, the velcro straps are very accommodating and easy to manipulate to your treadmill arms.

Height: 2.5 inches
Length: 42 inches
Width: 12 inches

Minimum width of treadmill arms is 29.5 inches
Maximum width of treadmill arms is 38 ΒΌ inches.

Q: What type of material is the Type & Tread made of?

A: The Type & Tread is made with a low-density polyethylene (LDPE), which is recyclable. The colour is a USDA food grade approved pigment.

Q: How does the Type & Tread stay secure on the treadmill arms?

A: The Type & Tread stays secure with easy to use velcro straps that loop through a plastic D-ring and fastens back on itself.