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About Us

Type & Tread came to life during a particularly long, cold Canadian winter. My wife, a stay-at-home and work-at-home mom to our then 1.5 year old daughter, was feeling frustrated with not being able to walk outside. It was too cold to be out for very long and the toddler now refused to sit in the stroller. Since her work was computer and online based, she thought it would be a perfect solution to walk while she worked, at naptime and after our child went to bed at night. The Type & Tread idea was born!

We started to map out ideas on how to create an easy to add and remove desk for the treadmill. After many attempts with different materials and dimensions, the Type & Tread was ready.

The Type & Tread is a portable treadmill desk. It is a lightweight, 7-pound, simple set-up system that fits most treadmills. Type & Tread turns your treadmill into a work station so you can keep your body and brain in motion while you work, write, meet and talk.